427 Water St
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703

(715) 533-8162


Small Business Saturday gift certificate sales, free chair massages, chats about massage/chiropractic, and cookies!

November 25th 3-5pm

Gift Certificate Specials:

1 gift certificate is 10{5f7d77aa4568bbcf4f49d5ad24c8198c33f16d2f5a4037574fe22ab249939a0d} off
2 are 20{5f7d77aa4568bbcf4f49d5ad24c8198c33f16d2f5a4037574fe22ab249939a0d}
3 are 30{5f7d77aa4568bbcf4f49d5ad24c8198c33f16d2f5a4037574fe22ab249939a0d}
4 or more are 40{5f7d77aa4568bbcf4f49d5ad24c8198c33f16d2f5a4037574fe22ab249939a0d} off!

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