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DIY Support Membership | Capture Life Creative

Let us help with...

Think about all the time you spend searching for an answer to some seemingly simple tech question, hours spent on google, facebook or youtube trying to figure out how to ask your question so you can get an answer that works… Trying to decipher tech jargon and all the bits and piece of information is enough to make your head spin.

What if all you had to do was submit a ticket to your very own tech superhero and you’d get an answer walking you though your problem?

Welcome to the DIY business owners solution to tech support.



How Does It Work

You sign up for one of the membership plans below and get instant access to the submission page to submit your tech questions whenever they pop up, you’ll get an answer back either with step by step instructions or a video showing you how to take care of your problem.

If you want advice or opinions on something, not sure if you should use Mailchimp or Aweber? Don’t know what a landing page is? We can help with that too!


What Is It?

DIY Tech Support is a service to help business owners who are trying to do everything themselves get through the tech struggles that come up when building a business.

We’ve got a team available to answer all sorts of questions and even offer the option to “Upgrade” and have us implement your fix for you if you’re still feeling in over your head.

This is a monthly service that you’re billed monthly for but there are no contracts or commitments. If you don’t want it anymore just cancel and that’s it. You don’t have to call any special number or anything like that either, we provide detailed instructions on how to get rid of us too ????


All Memberships On Sale Through 11/12!