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SSL Certificate Setup + Website Backup

Make sure your site is secure for your visitors (and keep the search engines happy) and get peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a backup in case anything happens to your website.


For most websites a simple SSL certificate is all they need, these are available for free from a service called Let’s Encrypt. Many hosting companies have created easy ways for you to install these certificates yourself such as SiteGround and Bluehost. Some hosting companies have not and a little more work is required to get the job done. Once you install the certificate you’ll need to make sure that your site is working properly and there are no issues with redirects or anything like that.


As far as backing up your site goes, with a WordPress site this can be easily done with a  plugin that you can set up to whatever frequency you would like. I would highly recommend making sure the copy of your backup is saved in a location other than where your website is hosted, that way if there is an issue with your hosting account down the road you have a safe copy. Some plugins will also allow you to choose what you’re going to backup, be sure that you’re choosing to backup your database as well as the content (themes, plugins, images, comments, etc) on your site. The frequency to run backups will depend on how often your site is getting updated, if you’re got an e-commerce site or are blogging often then you’ll want to run backups more often.

If you’ve got questions about your website or want someone to handle the setup for you fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you!