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It’s been a while since your website was created and it’s starting to show it’s age.


Your content is gold and you’re not ready to start over with a whole new site.

The Website Refresh is for you.


What is a website refresh?

Websites go through trends and different styles just like hairstyles and marketing tactics and as the face of your business you want to make sure that your website doesn’t look outdated and stale.

With a website refresh we’ll go through your current site and see what we can do to update it without having to do an entirely new website design.

Will I get a new logo?

A refresh does not include updating your business identity which includes things like your logos, brand colors and typography.

However, there may be graphics created for buttons, section dividers or other things to add to your new web design.

What about my content?

The written content on your current site will be used on your new site but it may be organized differently to make it easier to navigate and understand. Graphics and images will be updated as needed.

What does it cost?

Website Refreshes start at $597

The cost will vary depending on the platform that your site is currently utilizing and how many changes are being made.

Pope’s Window Cleaning



We moved this site from a website builder that offered limited options to the WordPress platform giving much more flexibility to the website as well as saving money on hosting fees! The design was updated with new images and the content and layout of the site were updated to make it easier for clients to navigate.


Aromatherapy Nature’s Way


This site was already utilizing the WordPress platform so with a few changes we were able to create a much cleaner design that is also mobile friendly.  We also updated some of the images and the layout to highlight the areas of the site that we most wanted customers to notice.


Christianson & Freund, LLC


After a name change this site was also ready for an updated design. The site was updated with a new design as well as updating the images used for the slider on the home page and changing the business name throughout the site.


Ready to get your site refreshed?